The Truth About Sedation

Fear – it holds us back from many things. Does fear prevent you from a healthy smile? There is a solution!


What You Might Not Know About Dentures

Do you hide your smile? If you have missing or removed teeth, you may avoid things that bring you joy. Dentures could be a solution. If you are thinking of fixing your smile, come in for a consultation! You likely have a lot of questions. For example — what exactly are dentures? To simplify, dentures…


Dental Surgery & You

From extractions to implants, there are a variety of reasons you might need dental surgery. If you think you need dental surgery, you might be anxious to have an operation on your mouth. That is why it is important to find a dentist with the right training and bedside manner. When you find an experienced,…


Love Your Smile: Restorative Options

A beautiful smile can change your life! It can improve your confidence and make you want to smile more. Having a healthy mouth is also correlated to overall good health. How do you improve the health and look of your teeth? Many dentists offer “restorative dentistry”. The options and techniques will vary between dentists, but…


What No One Tells You About Your Gums

  “Say Cheese!” Your smile is just the tip of the iceberg. The health, beauty, and longevity of your pearly whites depends on many factors, including your gums. When you have gum disease, we call it “Periodontitis.” Gum disease is a common, but serious infection that damages the gums and bones that support the teeth….


A Quick Guide: Preventive Dentistry

Do you and your family practice preventive dentistry? In other words, do you have a healthy routine of caring for your teeth? It is important to maintain the good habit of preventive dentistry, as it stops problems from developing. Some of the problems that are potentially avoided are: cavities periodontitis weakening enamel gum disease Everyone,…


A Guide to Dental Digital Radiology

Digital radiology…what is it and why do dentists use it? When you look at the black and white images of your teeth on your dentist’s computer, you are looking at digital radiology. It is an important type of X-ray technology that uses digital sensors to substitute photographic X-ray film.   At South Shore Smiles, we…


5 Reasons to Smile

Smile! No matter what you are doing, smile right now. Did you feel that? Smiling not only helps you look better; it physically affects your health. Smiling is a cross-cultural, innate feature of our species. Why is smiling so special?  Here are 5 Reasons to Smile Stress Less: Smiling relieves stress. Even if you aren’t…


Why You Need to Floss Everyday

Do you floss daily? And no, we aren’t talking about the hip new dance move. Flossing is an expert recommended dental hygiene routine that many Americans skip. Let’s be honest…flossing is not fun. Plus, there isn’t instant proof that it is helping. However, you want fresh breath and a dazzling smile so you make sure…