Bad Reasons to Skip The Dentist

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Twice a year isn’t too much to ask, at least we don’t think so and yet the excuses to skip the dentist are endless. So, we put together a list of our least favorite or favorite depending on how you look at it.

The first one is that it is going to hurt. While a dentist can’t promise a pain-free experience due to the hypersensitivity of the mouth and while this may seem repetitive, it remains true, if you don’t go to the dentist, you will experience dental issues and the pain will be far greater than if you went to the dentist.

The next one is a fear of getting yelled at by the dentist. Maybe you went a year between visits rather than 6 months and you know they know. The truth is the dentist is in no place to yell at you. Skipping the dentist is your choice, a dentist simply wants to offer you the best advice in caring for your teeth. If your dentist is making you feel bad about your dental habits.

The third one is that going to the dentist is a waste of time. We get it, really. Who has time to sit in a waiting room and then sit in the chair? But we believe that a healthy mouth is well worth the time it will take.

The fourth one is that you need too much work done. Therefore, increasing the time spent at the dentist, the cost of work done. And to simply reiterate, not going to the dentist will simply add to work that is needed done.

And lastly, the excuse that it will be too expensive and while there’s health insurance, it can be a tricky thing. And what do we have to say to that? It will be worth it!

We believe that a healthy mouth and avoiding gum disease and other diseases is more than enough reason to spend time and money on going to a dentist.

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