Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Smile!


Don’t let fear steal your smile! Dental phobia is real. If you are afraid to go to the dentist, you aren’t alone. Some people power through the fear, while others are unable to go at all. According to WebMD, “Between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear.”

Do you feel:

  • Extremely nervous in the dental office?
  • Can’t sleep the night before?
  • Feel trapped when you get an exam?
  • Have panicky sensations?

Whether you have a few nervous butterflies or serious dental phobia, you can work through your feelings with the right dentist. Don’t let fear steal your smile! Find a dentist who is especially caring and patient with your fears. Afterall, skipping the dentist is never advisable. You only have one set of teeth; it’s vital to get routine cleanings and checkups. Dentists can catch and reverse gum disease, screen for oral cancer, treat and prevent tooth decay, and the hygienist can clean your teeth better than you can on your own.

Even with this knowledge, going to the dentist can still seem scary. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience, or maybe you feel embarrassed about dental problems. The best thing is to find a special dentist who can ease your fears and support you through the process. At South Shore Smiles, we put our patients and their needs as our highest priority. In fact, after a visit at South Shore Smiles, you might not be scared of the dentist anymore!

You will discover that we are:

  • Extremely caring.
  • Empathetic to your feelings and understanding of your fears.
  • Honest and professional.

Call or contact our caring staff today and be sure to be open about your fears and concerns. We would love to help you. (219) 627-3133.


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