The Truth About Flossing


As we talk about flossing, we are going to focus on the truths of flossing. The first truth is that you know the dentist is going to ask you if you have been flossing when you go and a second truth is that as dentists, we know if you are lying or not (mostly lying).

You’re probably thinking, ‘is flossing really that important?’ The truth? Yes. It is.
Here’s why:
A toothbrush is great for cleaning the outer surfaces of your teeth and your gums. However, floss is used for a completely different cleaning. Floss is created to clean tight spaces between your teeth and where the gums meet the teeth, places your toothbrush can’t reach. The truth is that by not flossing you are failing to clean 40% of your mouth.
Without flossing, plaque/tartar can build up where the teeth meet the gums and cause an inflammation called gingivitis. This causes bleeding and tenderness within the mouth; however, it can be fixed by thorough brushing and regular flossing. The truth is, however, that if neglected, the condition will grow worse and become periodontitis. Periodontitis is irreversible and can lead to loose teeth and complete loss of teeth.

So, as stated before, flossing is important and you should tell your dentist if you have not been flossing so that they can help you get on the track.

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