A Guide to Dental Digital Radiology


Digital radiology…what is it and why do dentists use it?

When you look at the black and white images of your teeth on your dentist’s computer, you are looking at digital radiology. It is an important type of X-ray technology that uses digital sensors to substitute photographic X-ray film.  

At South Shore Smiles, we use the most advanced dental technology available. We utilize cutting-edge digital X-ray technology right in our office to view your teeth and gums. This helps us understand the condition of your mouth beyond what our eyes can see. Our digital X-rays deliver several imaging options designed to save time and provide us a clearer dental photo. Most importantly, our technology is safe, and it exposes you to 90% less radiation than a traditional X-ray machine.

We are committed to providing the highest quality dental care, and this includes the most advanced technology on the market. Digital radiology helps us to ensure the lifelong dental health of your entire family!