What You Might Not Know About Dentures


Do you hide your smile? If you have missing or removed teeth, you may avoid things that bring you joy. Dentures could be a solution. If you are thinking of fixing your smile, come in for a consultation! You likely have a lot of questions. For example — what exactly are dentures? To simplify, dentures are artificial teeth and gums to replace natural teeth. Every case is unique and there are multiple ways to use dentures to restore your smile. For example, there are full dentures that can replace all of your teeth. Another option is partial dentures, that can replace a few missing teeth.

At South Shore Smiles, we have options! Below are some of the techniques we use:

  • Traditional Dentures/Partial Dentures: Dentures and partial dentures are removable restorations that replace all or some missing teeth. Patients that are missing some or all of their teeth may have dentures or partials as either a temporary or final restoration. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Surgical Dentures: Surgical dentures are fabricated prior to surgery so that you leave the office with a beautiful smile. The healing of the gums and bone can typically take 3-6 months, so these special dentures are a solution during this process. You will then transition into traditional denture.
  • Implant Snap-On Dentures: Patients that have Implant Snap-On Dentures no longer need adhesive to secure their dentures.

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